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Michael-Kors MICHAEL KORS Back to cases MICHAEL KORS, the famous brand, represents quality, perfection and sustainability in its purest form. And it was for those arguments that brandsigns b.v. was selected by the MICHAEL KORS headquarters in Switzerland to produce the finest possible brand sign, a resin filled front lit masterpiece! The combination of high quality UV proof resin with our perfectly finished handmade stainless steel letters and logo’s results in an exclusive and unique branding experience!

brandsigns b.v. has successfully delivered signs to MK shops in Europe, such as Verona, Paris, Gothenburg, and Genova.
Floris-van-Bommel Floris van Bommel brandsigns b.v. developed a new sign for this premium shoe brand, changing their logo from a standard front lit aluminium signing into a premium front lit full acylic sign. brandsigns b.v. signs are developed with respect for the environment. Light pollution is a more and more common topic in large cities all over the world. It is for this reason that brandsigns b.v. supplies dimmer/timer devices that enable our customers not only to safe light, but also to safe energy!

brandsigns b.v. has successfully delivered signs to Floris van Bommel stores in the Netherlands and Germany.
Scotch-and-soda Scotch & Soda brandsigns b.v. engineered and produced the new front lit brass facade signs for this premium Dutch fashion label. This sign is made out of antique brass and offers an unique combination of materials with its front lit fragile and slim letter design.
brandsigns b.v. holds stock and distributes the signs to Scotch & Soda stores in every corner of the world.
brandsigns b.v. engineers and produces the new bus stop sign for Scotch & Soda. This very special sign is designed and developed with a keen eye for a unique brand exposure. The combination of aged brass, warm energy efficient LED lighting and the special developed screening of the vacuum formed acrylic shell emphasizes important SCOTCH & SODA brand values. UNIQUE FRONT LIT BRASS SIGNING PREMIUM BUSSTOP Back to cases
G-STAR-RAW G-STAR RAW Back to cases Together with G-STAR, brandsigns b.v. developed a wide variety of signs for as well indoor as outdoor application and in different dimensions. The specific nature of the G-STAR shop interiors required a special wiring system for each individual sign letter. brandsigns b.v. designed prefab wiring harnesses to reduce the installation time significantly and to increase up-times.

Our G-STAR indoor signs are used worldwide, enabling contractors to save time and money!
Suitsupply SUITSUPPLY It started several years ago with the SUITSUPPLY store in Montreal for which we designed and developed the well-known SUITSUPPLY bus stop sign. A unique sign for its exclusive relief painting and prefect finish and the start of a successful cooperation with this fast growing Dutch fashion retailer. Now a days brandsigns b.v. supplies customized SUITSUPPLY indoor and outdoor signs for stores in a.o. Moscow, Las Vegas, New York, Panama, Bejing, Tampa, Vilnius, Austin, London and many more. Back to cases Gant GANT GANT just redesigned their corporate brand identity and invited brandsigns b.v. to improve the GANT main sign if possible. For brandsigns b.v. a prefect request since the newly invented GANT logo with its slim design matched brandsigns b.v.’s innovative resin technique perfectly. Upon few prototypes GANT assigned brandsigns b.v. as supplier of the GANT main logo sign. The sign is applied on GANT stores worldwide and reflects the quality, sustainability and care for details that make all brandsigns b.v. products unique. Back to cases
The headquarters are centrally located in Woerden, the Netherlands, just 20 minutes
from Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.
brandsigns sales offices are located in Barcelona, Milan and Paris.
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Engineering, innovation and production of quality signs Care for global visibility About brandsigns cares for...

Reliability. Consistent and reliable brand identity is of vital importance to our customers. brandsigns exceeds in outstanding & consistent quality, in-time delivery and competitive pricing.

Convenience. brandsigns is a one stop shop with services that include innovation, engineering, prototyping, (serial) production, certification, storage, distribution and installation of sign products. brandsigns unburdens customers with a 5star service, any time any place anywhere in the world.

Sustainability. brandsigns compensates the carbon footprint on all inbound and outbound shipments, supporting the Fair Climate Fund (, compensating yearly 100 tons of Co2 emission. brandsigns promotes the use of biodegradable materials and the reduction of use of acrylic in signs. Our resin based Resilux products save up to 60% of acrylic use and contribute to zero waste.

Installation. brandsigns products are always in compliance with the highest quality & safety standards and with a lot of attention for the logistical process and timely and smooth installation on site.

brandsigns cares for you!
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